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"Silver Linings Stables is by far the most welcoming and well rounded stables I’ve ever been a part of. Jenna Presley is an amazing and one of a kind trainer. My anxiety used to keep me from being able to ride properly but with the help of Jenna, I was able to get back on a horse and do anything asked of me. My horse was also recently injured and she did all of the rehab. Ikon is working better than he’s ever had before. She is an wonderful friend and an even better mentor. We are more than just a team but a family that Jenna has put together for each of us. There is never any drama, only laughter and hard work." - Kate


"Jenna is doing it right with her training business. Horses are happy, healthy and all the riders are learning in a friendly and positive atmosphere. Facilities are amazing too. It takes hard work, but Jenna doesn't take shortcuts." -  Judy


"Jenna has literally turned my horse around! I came to her after my young horse had sustained multiple injuries and was in need of some time to heal and slowly rehab, and she was so patient and knowledgeable through the entire process. My horse needed quite a bit of proper conditioning to be brought back into health and back to the horse I bought, and she helped him achieve that and then some! I'm happy to say he's doing better than ever, and has even won multiple championships in recent shows. She's truly a great trainer for both horse and rider, and her passion for horses and the sport is evident in everything she does. I'm also always impressed with her work ethic and her thirst to keep learning as all aspects of this industry evolve." - Lori

"I am so happy that I found Silver Lining Stables. Jenna is a fantastic trainer who is great with both horses and riders. A few months ago I was scared just to sit on a horse, and Jenna and her horse Mia have both been so patient with me while I learn the basics and gain my confidence. As an adult just learning to ride I have far to go, but I have grown so much already, and it is all because I have an incredible horse to learn on and an amazing trainer to teach me." - Danielle 

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